Relationships Matter

Engagement Marketing Means Reaching People Where They Are, Across Mediums, and Consistently Over Time to Build Meaningful and Lasting Relationships

I help mission-driven brands craft powerful digital engagement and marketing strategies.

Whether you’re working with an advocacy organization, a direct service NGO, or a think tank of a thought leaders, creating lasting and meaningful change requires a robust engagement marketing strategy. I work across mediums and channels to help brands gain visibility, grow their influence and impact, change the public dialogue, and build audiences and loyalty through strategic marketing and communications.

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Is Your Digital Engagement Marketing Working?

Effective engagement marketing cultivates goal-directed relationships with target audiences.
The best engagement strategies help you to:

Know Your Base

Understand your audience and communicate with them across mediums and in ways that fit seamlessly into their lives and experiences.

Match Your Goals

Impactful engagement marketing and communications strategies are not just about visibility – they’re about being seen by the right people to support your objectives.

Tell Your Story

Mobilize and build your audiences through authentic, empathetic, and honest brand storytelling and brand voices.

Build Relationships

Loyalty is often even more important than growth; engagement marketing should build meaningful and lasting relationships with your target audiences, instead of inflating your list or pumping up vanity metrics.

Find Common Ground

Connect with your constituents and advocacy targets over shared values and mutual interests and desires.

Be Accessible

Your engagement marketing campaigns should be supported by responsive and audience-centric products and experiences that scale and adapt across devices and mediums.

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As of 2015, I am no longer accepting consulting projects.

If you’re looking for an engagement strategy or digital consultant, I would be happy to recommend a few excellent vendors and individuals to meet your needs.

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